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Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish. Og fleira sem vekur spurningar en ekki svör..And more that wakes up questions.

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An anti-semite is not someone who hates Jews; it is someone the Zionists hate.




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Alex Jones Exposed! PDF Is Alex working for the Zionists?


Alex Jones Denies Israel Carried Out 911:



Why do we believe the Zionists are the masterminds of 911 


Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish. 


 Alex Jones' wife's name is KellyRebecca Nichols. Her nickname is "Violet".

Her  father's name is Edmund Lowe  Nichols. Her mother's name is Sandra Kay Heiligman.

'Lowe' and 'Heiligman' are  almost exclusively Jewish names.

Alex Jones' wife has a sister named Jill Elizabeth Nichols, M.D.


 She  has a brother named James Edmund Nichols. 

I have documentary  proof from two genealogy websites( Ancestry.com and JewishGen.org ) that both of Alex Jones' wife's mother's parents are Jewish.



This means that Alex Jones' wife's mother is fully Jewish, which means that  Alex Jones' wife herself is at least 50% genetically Jewish.

But,significantly, this also means that according to traditional Jewish Halakahlaw, Alex Jones' wife is fully Jewish, because according to traditional Jewish  Halakah law, a person is considered fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish,regardless of the race, ethnicity, or religion of their father.

In addition to this, Alex Jones' wife's  father's middle name is "Lowe", which means that in all  probability he is Jewish as well("Lowe" is  almost an exclusively Jewish name). This would mean then that Alex Jones'wife is genetically 100% Jewish.

But even if Alex Jones' wife's father were not  Jewish, Alex Jones' wife would still be considered fully Jewish by traditional Jewish Halakah law, because her mother is Jewish.

Documentary  Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish

Proof that Alexander E. Jones(Alex Jones) is married to KellyR. Nichols:
http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9436/a... holsma.jpg

Proof that Kelly Rebecca Nichols 
is the daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols and Sandra Kay Heiligman:
http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/5237/k... lsbirt.jpg

Proof that Sandra Kay Heiligman is the daughter of H.Heiligman (Haskell Heiligman) and Velma Ruth Lattimer:

http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/4561... nbirth.jpg

Proof that Haskell Heiligman is Jewish:

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/4418/h... ewishb.jpg

Proof that Velma RuthLattimer is Jewish:

Alex Jones Admits that his Wife is Jewish


Fast forward to the 8:00 mark, and
you will hear Alex Jones admit that his wife is at least partially Jewish.

But please note that Alex Jones makes contradictory  statements in this video.

First Alex says emphatically thathis wife isn't Jewish, but then a few seconds later he admits that his wife has  Polish Jewish ancestry.

Alex Jones doesn't seem to be able to decide  whether his wife is Jewish or not.

Statement #1: "My wife's not Jewish."
Statement #2: "In my wife's...you know...zzhh...you know...off on  one side of her family that did have some Jewish relatives from Poland..."

Note that the second statement is  disjointed and ungrammatical. Alex Jones frequently speaks in this manner when  he is either lying or telling a half-truth.

Alex Jones' wife's father, Edmund Lowe Nichols,is a convicted criminal and former U.S. Govt. diplomat who was forced to quit  his job after pleading guilty to violating federal financial conflicts of  interest law in 1993.


United States v. Nichols, District of  Columbia

On October 6, 1993, Edmund L. Nichols, the former Minister-Counselor for  Agricultural Affairs to United States Missions to the European Communities(USEC) and Spain pled guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of  interest law when he authorized payments to his wife, through a fictitious catering firm, for providing official entertainment services.

Nichols, as a career Senior Foreign Service Officer  employed by the United States Department of Agriculture's Foreign AgricultureService (FAS), was assigned to the USEC in Brussels, Belgium, during 1990-91and to the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain, from 1991 until September1993.

Nichols admitted approving payment of 12 invoices, totalling $4,393, from a purported catering firm called The Party Planner, knowing that there was no  such firm and that the catering services had been provided by his wife for  official parties which he had hosted.

Regulations prohibit spouses from being  compensated for personal entertainment services. As part of his plea agreement, Nichols submitted to involuntary retirement from the FAS, and repaid $1,849 in  FAS funds which he had obtained through other false claims unrelated to the  fraudulent catering invoices.

On December 13, 1993, Nichols was sentenced to one yearof probation, a $2,500 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Alex Jones' wife's great uncle  was a wealthy Jewish doctor named Emmett M. Heiligman, who died in  2007.

Pediatrician Names People's Community Clinic as Beneficiary of His Estate Clinic Receives $  520,000 Bequest


Austin, TX – December 10, 2007

People's Community Clinic announced today that, to date, it has received nearly  $ 520,000 from the estate of the late Dr. Emmett M. Heiligman, who died April,27, 2007 in Austin, Texas. This bequest is the second largest gift the clinichas received from a private individual since its inception in 1970. 

Dr. Heiligman, a native Texan, graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Galveston in 1944. He first practiced medicine as a Naval medical officer in World War II before beginning general practice in Overton, Texas  with his brother, Dr. Haskell Heiligman. He then went on to specialize in  pediatrics at Los Angeles Children's Hospital. As a reserve officer, he  returned to military service during the Korean Conflict.

Following his service in Korea, Dr.Heiligman continued to care for patients for thirty years at the Alhambra  Medical Clinic in Alhambra, California, before retiring in 1985. Dr. Heiligman  relocated to Austin in 1994 to be near family. 

He is survived by two nieces: Sandra Heiligman Nichols, of Austin, Texas, and Ann Heiligman Saslav, of Overton,Texas, nephews Mark and Gary Heiligman of Maryland and several great nieces and  nephews, including Dr. Jill Nichols of Austin.
In designating this bequest for People's Community Clinic, Dr. Heiligman  expressed his belief that primary health care is vital to lifelong wellness,especially for young children.

Dr. Heiligman felt strongly that healthcare should be available to all who need it, according to niece Sandra Nichols.  She recounts that, as was customary in small town Texas in the 1940's, Dr.Heiligman regularly received payment in venison and other hunting bounty when  patients could not afford to pay him for their care.

Dr. Heiligman became  familiar with People's Community Clinic after a visit to the Clinic in 2004.

"Dr. Heiligman's generous, unrestricted gift to People's Community  Clinic reflects his intimate understanding of the critical benefits that accompany access to primary medical care," says Regina Rogoff, Chief Executive Officer of  People's Community Clinic.

"This gift will allows us to  continue providing high quality, affordable health care to the 11,000 patients  who call PCC their medical home and to further develop our program to improve  health outcomes.

We are honored to receive this gift, especially from a man who  was, by all accounts, a wonderful doctor and humanitarian."

More  Information about Alex Jones' Wife's Great Uncle Emmett M. Heiligman

There is a picture  of Emmett M. Heiligman on this page:
"Emmett M. Heiligman, M.D.,FAAP, of Austin, Texas, died April 27 at age 85."



Here is a page from the University of Texas yearbook, class of  1944, with Emmett M. Heiligman's name in it.

It appears that all the names listed on the page are Jewish:


Finally, notice that the  clinic to which Dr. Heiligman post  humously donated all of his  money is managed by Jews:


Regina Rogoff, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Louis Appel, M.D., M.P.H.
Medical Director

Margaret Henkels
Director of Development

Carole Perine

Alex Jones' wife'saunt, Ann Heiligman Saslav, is a concert pianist:




Ann Heiligman Saslav is married to a famous Jewish  violinist and concertmaster named Isidor Saslav :




Here are some web pages thats  how  Ann and Isidor Saslav together :



Here is a short commentary  which describes Isidor Saslav's Jewish Zionist family  background:

"Isidor was born in 1938 in  Palestine from a Russian father and a Polish mother who had emigrated to the  U.S. (Detroit) before going to Palestine.

A year or so later, his father  decided to go back to Russia -- Palestine was a violent land torn among the  Zionists, the British, and the Palestinians. So he went, but Mrs. Saslavski  would have nothing of it.

She took young Isidor with her and  journeyed back to Detroit, where she shortened the family name to Saslav. That  was the end of Isidor's Zionist experience (you should hear the story of how he ended up with his  first name!). Being a smart man Isidor chose the world of music instead  of a world of nationalistic atavism. And in that world of music he met with  some of the greatest directors, composers, and performers."


Isidor Saslav wrote an essay where he  takes pride in the fact that the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution were  Jewish:

"So in sum: Far from denying the Jews' role in the Russian  Revolution I hail it with pride as helping to remove one of the most oppressive  regimes on the face of the earth in its time.

PS: I think I've heard that one of Lenin's fore bears was also  Jewish."


Here is a brochure from a Hebrew school called the Hebrew Day Institute in  Silver Spring, Maryland which describes how Ann and Isidor  Saslav gave a musical performance for the children at the school.

Note  that the article mentions that the Heiligman and Saslav families  are cousins.

Also note that the article describes Ann and Isidor  Saslav as "Israeli concert  performers":

Here is an online guide to the Texas Jewish Historical Society Records at  the Center for American History of the University of Texas atAustin. It lists  Ann Saslav as being a Jewish musician.

This source definitively provesthat Ann Heiligman Saslav is Jewish:


If Ann Heiligman Saslav isJewish, then that necessarily means her sister Sandra Heiligman Nichols is  Jewish.

And if Sandra Heiligman Nichols is Jewish, then that  necessarily means her daughter Kelly Rebecca Nichols is  Jewish. In Jewish Halakah law, a person is considered fully Jewish if their  mother is Jewish, regardless of the race or ethnicity of their father.

Therefore, by Jewish Halakah law, Alex Jones' wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols is consideredfully Jewish, because her mother Sandra Heiligman Nichols is Jewish. This means that all children produced by the  marriage of Alex Jones  and Kelly Rebecca Nichols are  considered fully Jewish as well, because their mother Kelly Rebecca  Nichols is Jewish.

Alex Jones and Kelly Rebecca Nichols have  three(3) children together.

 Pictures  of Alex Jones' Jewish Wife

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/5932/a ... hwife1.jpg

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/8310/a ... hwife2.jpg

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/9637/a ... hwife3.jpg

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/1350/a ... hwife4.jpg


Re: Proof that Alex Jones' Wifeis Jewish

Postby MikeWB »Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:58 pm

Wow...what a thread Yo Mama! AWESOME JOB!!!! Is there any online way to see if Jones'son's name is Einstein?

Re: Proof that Alex Jones' Wifeis Jewish

Postby joeblowman »Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:03 pm

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Alex Jones' Zionist empire is falling  apart!


It  was originally a Joe Blow Conspiracy Show listener who found  out her parents' names, ZOG  Corp from YouTube. He was also the same ZOG who  spread this info among the WNs. I've been  trying to get him on the show


Alex Jones Exposed!PDF   Is Alex working for the ZIonists?

Is 9-11Truth Movement Sponsored by the Israeli Lobby?   

PDby Victor Thorn 

George Noory’sCoast-to-Coast AM radio show.

The only 9-11 figures who areever full-fledged guests on his show are those who belong to the “club” – i.e.those who unflinchingly protect Israel at any cost.

Alex Jones: refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Dave von Kleist:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
9-11 Truth.org:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Dylan Avery:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Jim Hoffman:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Paul Thompson:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Webster Tarpley:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Carol Brouillet:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Kyle Hence:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
David Ray Griffin:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Nicolas Levis:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Phil Berg:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Bob Bowman:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Mike Ruppert:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Tom Flocco:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Jenna Orkin:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Paul J. Watson:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Wayne Madsen:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Jimmy Walter:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Gabriel Day:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Janice Matthews:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
David Kubiak:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
Les Jamieson:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks
M. Chossudovsky:refuses to examine Israel’s role as a key conspirator in the 9-11 attacks

Zionists' organized efforts to manipulate public opinion on theInternet PDF 




Alex Jones is a Crypto Jewish Zionist Married to a Jewish Woman




Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?..Controversy Swirls


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