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The Overlords of Chaos

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Unfortunately for the people of the world everything is going according to the New World Order Plan. But what is this New World Order Plan?

In a nutshell "The Plan" is this:TheSecret Planners of the New World Order'sEvil Agenda intend to reduce the world's population to a "sustainable"level "in perpetual balance with nature"by a ruthless Population Control Agenda via Reproduction Control and Genocide.

A Mass Culling of the People in a Planned Genocideviatoxic adulteration of water and food supplies, weaponised microwave radiation, weaponised Chemtrails, release of weaponised man-made viruses, man-made pandemics, mass vaccination campaigns, civil and race wars culminating in the planned Third World War.

Then, the Dark Agenda will impose upon the drastically reduced world population a Global Feudal-Fascist State - the World Technate - with a World Government, World Religion, World Army, World Central Bank, World Currency and a micro-chipped population.

In short, to kill 90% of the world's population and to control all aspects of the human condition and rule everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.

The COVID-19 Plannedemic has fundamentally changed the world: is there any doubt that the world - as you once knew it - no longer exists?

The GreatWar for Human Freedom has begun.

Gentle reader, understand, we live in truly perilous times, theDarkest Period in Human History is upon us.

In this sense, should be viewed as a genuine revelation of the plot to enslave mankind and enthrone an "aristocracy based on wealth" whose spiritual and temporal capital will be Jerusalem and whose spiritual source is the malefic spirit of immense power often called Satan but who is also called Ahriman. An ancient dream described in the words of the unknown author of the Protocols:

"We shall set up a super government that shall subdue all the nations of the world."

The plot has been unfolding for centuries before the Eye of History and can be seen today in the relentless destruction of, in the words of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, "all collective forces except ours." These "collective forces" are all things that underpin human existence and give society cohesion and individuals' identity, meaning and purpose but, especially, the concepts of Race, Religion, Nation and Family, all of which are products of Natural Moral Order.

It is this Natural Moral Order, brought about in its entirety by the Will of God, which is the true target of the Dark Powers acting on Earth at whose head seat enthrone two spirits of immense power that are the Dark Gods, Ahriman, and Lucifer, who are verily the two faces of Evil.

Although there is a definite spiritual awakening occurring on Earth, and more and more people are becoming aware that something is not quite right with things, it is a depressing fact that the majority of humanity are wholly ignorant of the dire predicament they are in.

That they are hopelessly enslaved in a material existence that is largely controlled by Secret Masters and that key to this enslavement is their dependence upon, and blind obedience to, the mode rn financial system.

Fundamental to the control of the modern financial system is the Central Banks and the few conjoined, intermarried families who own them, and pre-eminent among these are Rothschild and Rockefeller: respectively the European and North American foci of the Great Conspiracy.Whose exoteric organization and activities are often referred to as the Anglo-American Establishment.

The bankers and corporations associated with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are part of the vanguard of the Great Conspiracy, representing a sort of corporate aristocracy, but they are not its leaders … this great power lies elsewhere; and those who hold it are verily the Lords of Power and are, in the temporal sense, truly the Masters of our Destiny.

This lesser power - the Corporate Aristocracy– often calledthe Anglo-American Establishment - have controlled Western Governments, the media, and education for more than a century.

Freemasonry, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Zionism, Neo-Conservativism, Feminism, the Homosexual Agenda, Multiculturalism and more are all their instruments of control since the attack on Natural Moral Order is perforce all-encompassing and acts on all levels of human existence.



"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension,hatred, struggle, envy, torture, starvation,


by want, so that the goyim will see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else"

10th Protocol

from the muchmisunderstoodand routinely maligned document called

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

"In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in orderto contribute something to solve overpopulation."

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Elizabeth II, quoted in foreword to Fleur Cowles,

If I Were an Animal(1987).

"The United Nation's goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion,forced sterilization, and control human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the humanpopulation as excess baggage, with 350,000 people to be eliminated per day ...It's terrible to have to say this.

World Population must be stabilized and to do that we have to eliminate 350,000 people per day.

In one year that would equal 128 million people."

Jacques-Yves Cousteau(1910-97)

French oceanographer, filmmaker and environmentalist revealing the misanthropic nature of theUN and the radical environmentalist movement:

"Interview Jacques-Yves Cousteau,"

The UNESCO Courier, (1991)

"A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."

Ted Turner,

CNN founder, Globalist and NWO insider quoted in

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, June (1996)

Gentle reader, understand, there is no"theory"involved when elucidating the complexity of arrangement, sweeping scope and incredible evil that is the

Power Elite's

plan for World Government often called

theNew World Order.

TheNew World Order Agenda for World Governmentis notConspiracy TheorybutConspiracy Fact.

Thus, any proper analysis of theNew World Order Agendafor World Governmentis the analysis of anagenda, anAncient Evil Agendafor World Government.

Hence, those who understand the true nature of theNew World Order Agendaare notConspiracy TheoristsbutAgenda Analysts.

TheNew World Order Agenda for World Governmenthas existed for millennia.Its main vehicle of transmissionis

Organised Evil on Earth,

which has been called many things throughout the ages but is verilytheCult of Evil.

Today the nameIlluminati

applies to parts of this ancient, evil cult. Generations of countless co-conspirators and numerous organisations carry forward the

Cult of Evil's

Ancient Hope for World Government

but inter-generational Luciferians and Satanists of the highest degree orchestrate it.

TheseDark Adeptsare theSecret Mastersof thefive thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Governmentoften called theNew World Order and whose power baseis the

Dark Empire of Secret Societies.


is projected throughout society and across the world via

Dark Freemasonry

and its countless front groups especiallythe

Bilderberg Group

theTrilateral Commission Commission

andtheCouncil for Foreign Relations.

TheNew World Order Agenda

is truly massive and beyond the ken of most people even those who profess expertise in it and make a good living from their books,tours and seminars"exposing"it.

TheNew World Order Agenda own reality

is a tangled mass of interwoven threads with countless goals and myriad sub-agendas such that it is truly a Gordian-knot. Moreover, an intricate and tight knot very few have untangled.

They have failed not only because of the intricate nature of the task but also because they fail to understand that it is ultimately a religious agenda.

That is, they fail miserably to understand that what energises the

New World Order Agendais not simple power-cravings but a deep spiritual impulse.

They do not understand that Dark Spiritual Forcesenergise the

New World Order Agenda

and those who are party to it.

They do not understand thatOrganised Evil on Earthis the organising brain of theNew World Order Agendaand its acolytes are the true inheritors of theAncient Evil Agenda for World Government.

Those who understand the

New World Order Agenda

know that mankind is in the malignant grip of a

Luciferian Cult,

theAncient Cult of Evil.

They know that this secret cabal of inter-generational occultists serve

Absolute Evil

and work to bring about its ambition to usurpGod's Rule on Earth.

They understand that theAncient Evil Agendais thefive thousand

year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government, which many identify

as theNew World Order Agenda.

They know that the unfolding agenda has involved millions of co-conspirators throughout history all linked by their worship and servitude to Evil.

Those who understand theNew World Order Agendaknow that

Organised Evil

has worked ceaselessly to bring about conditions on Earth that have secured and advanced its cause.

They know that Evil has amplified its presence and influence on Earth such that now as the final phase of its agenda unfolds, it has (and largely unseen by the masses) control of the world by invisibly controlling government, the media, education and business.

Moreover, they understand thatOrganised Evilwants to establish their control on Earth totally, absolutely and forever.

Those who understand theNew World Order Agendaknow that those behind

it must break humanity; they must break us, each and every one of us.

They know that they have to destroy America,

the West and soWestern Christian Civilisationitself as well as destroying every vestige of humanity's individuality, uniqueness,


and independent thought.

Thus, those who understand theNew World Order Agendaknow that it is, in truth, Organised Evil's battle plan in itsTotal War with humanityand so, ultimately, its earthly strategy in its Cosmic War with God and Christ.

Protocols_of_the_Elders_of_Zion_Russian editionThose who understand theNew World Order Agendaknow that the Political Class of the world, the majority of which are in bondage tot heDark Power,to

Dark Freemasonry,

have abandoned the people to their fate.

They know that the Political Class is in total thrall of

Organised Evil

and is merely a tool by which theNew World Order Agendais being completed.

They know that in its Total War with humanity one of Organised Evil's greatest weapons is control of the economy and why it now seeks to destroy it;

in preparation for the

New International Economic Order

itself merely a stepping stone toLucifer'sOne

World Governmentand Ahriman's One World Religion.

And, all those who truly understand the way of the world, who understand theNew World Order Agenda, know this ...

They know thatOrganised Evilis the true architects of theNew World Order Agendaand that verilyLuciferandAhriman-Satanare the gods of thisEvil Age(Matt. 4:8-9).

In addition, gentle reader, those who understand theNew World Order Agendaalso know intrinsic to it is a great and

terrible misanthropy

that demands the destruction of the

great majority

of the world population to at least

"500 million in perpetual balance with nature." Guidestones

This is Organised Evil'sPlanned Takedown of the World Populationin which they intend the mass murder of millions by,in the words of the Demon speaking through the


of themuch misunderstood and routinely maligned document called

The Protocols of the Learned Eldersof Zion,




Swine Flu VirusThere are three main classifications of contamination that threaten human life: microorganisms (living creatures); chemicals (which may be organic or inorganic in nature but are not alive) and Radioactivity (energy radiated or transmitted in the form of rays, waves or particles).

TheGlobal Elite

and its minions in governments, in the UN, the WHO and the myriad organisations,


"Think Tanks,"

NGOs etc. that comprise the nascent New World Order, use all three classes,

as well as other more esoteric classes of contamination,

toSoft Killhumanity.

In its Total War with humanity, the New World Order crowd use two main strategies (together with their attendant weaponry) to cull humanity: theSoft Killand theHard Kill.theHard Killing of humanityare violent,overt forms of death usually carried out in times of war, revolution and crises.

All modern, major phases of theHard Killing of humanityare invariably created by the Illuminati and its


for example, the French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Boar War,

the First andSecond World Wars,

the Korean and Vietnam Wars and, of course, the two Gulf Wars.

The plannedThird World War

is intended to dwarf all these created conflicts in intensity, destruction and casualties such that the case forWorld Peace via World Governmentis beyond criticism.

Food adulteration and its contamination with toxic chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are softly killing humans.

Bio-weapons in the form ofbio-engineered viruses and toxic,weaponised vaccinationsare other suburb methods of

Soft Kill.

AVirusis the smallest of the organic hazards and range in size from 0.3 microns to 0.01 microns (a micron is one thousandth of a millimetre or one millionth of a metre).A virus is a simple organism being a piece of nucleic acid wrapped in a coat of protein.

It is not a fully formed cell and can only reproduce and grow by infecting a host where it inserts its nucleic acid (its RNA) into host cells.

In other words, a virus cannot grow or reproduce apart from a living cell.

Bacteriaare single-celled organisms (prokaryotes) with a complete set of nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) and are much larger than viruses (0.5 microns to 5 microns and so up to 100 times bigger than a virus).

The majority of bacteria (90%) are harmless or beneficial to humans while some are dangerous e.g. Cholera and Typhoid

AnEpidemicdescribes the widespread outbreak of an infectious disease with many people infected at the same time. Thus, it describes the situation when the number of cases of a particular disease exceeds the number that would normally be expected.

Epidemics of infectious disease can escalate intoPandemics, but do not always do so. A pandemic is an outbreak of a new infectious disease, which causes serious illness and spreads widely from person to person across more than one geographical region.

Two factors determine the course of an infectious disease: the rate of spread and the degree of danger of a virus: that is, itstransmissibilityand itsvirulence. The first determines the speed a virus spreads and the number of people will become infected. The latter determines how many people who are infected fall seriously ill or die.

Transmissibility is defined as the average number of people that each person with the virus will infect. This is the reproduction number, sometimes known as"R."If"R"is greater than one the virus is deemed to be spreading; if it is below one, then it is deemed to be petering out.

Many factors and variables determine the reproduction number and so theTransmissibilityof a virus. Such as the biology of the virus, the level of immunity in the population, containment measures such as isolation, school closures and travel restrictions; moreover, especially, but not in the way the so-called"experts"declare or what the ignorant majority believe, is the use of antiviral treatments and vaccines.

The key measure ofVirulenceis the case fatality rate, that is, the proportion of infected people who die. To establish the case fatality rate for a pandemic one needs to know the total number of infections as well as the total number of deaths.

Thus, for example, theSpanish Flu Pandemicof 1918-19, the case fatality rate was about 2.5 per cent, while for the 1968 pandemic it was below 0.5 per cent. This explains the huge difference in the death tolls experienced at these times.

However, even a low case fatality rate would still be dangerous if the virus spreads widely. If 40 per cent of the population became infected withSwine Flu Virus, as the worst-case scenarios suggest and with a low case fatality rate of 0.1 per cent, there could be millions of deaths: as many as 240,000 deaths in the UK and 1.3 million in the USA.


swine_flu-virusAVirusis a micro-organism smaller than a bacteria, which cannot grow or reproduce apart from a living cell. A virus is thus a sort of parasite that invades living cells and uses their chemical machinery to keep itself alive and to replicate itself.

It may reproduce without error or with errors. If a virus reproduces itself with errors, a sort of bad photocopy of itself, then it is said to mutate. This ability to mutate is the reason why viruses are often difficult to treat since any mutation makes the virus slightly different in each infected person. Moreover, the rate of mutation differs in each virus species and obviously those that mutate the fastest are the most difficult to fight.

Infectionis a growth of a parasitic organism within the body. A parasitic organism, a"germ"such as a virus, bacteria or yeast, is one that lives on or in another organism and draws its nourishment from it. .

Viral Infectionis caused by the presence of a virus in the body and, depending on the virus and the person's state of health, various viruses can infect almost any type of body tissue and organ, from the brain to the skin. Antibiotics are useless against viral infections; indeed, in some cases the use of antibiotics makes the viral infection worse.

The body's own immune system can take care of the vast majority of human viral infections, with a little help in the form of proper diet, hydration, and rest, without recourse to drugs or other treatments. Depending on the type and location of the virus, attacks that are more virulent are treated with anti-viral or other drugs.

Seasonal Influenza,"the flu,"is caused by viruses that infect the respiratory tract and are divided into three types, designated A, B, and C. Most people who get the flu recover completely in 1 to 2 weeks.

Nevertheless, some people (usually suffering underlying health problems and/or decrepitude) develop serious and potentially life-threatening medical complications, such as pneumonia.

TheMedical CartelBig Pharma,

theMedical Establishmentand corrupt government structures) peddle the myth that much of the illness and death caused by influenza can be prevented by annual influenza vaccination.

Vaccinesare"Immunogens"or"immunizing agents,"which are substances or organisms that provokes animmune response(produces immunity) when introduced into the body. Invariably they consisting of a suspension of weakened or dead pathogenic cells (i.e. attenuated so as to lose its virulence but which carry antigens.) injected into the body in order to stimulate the production of antibodies (the large variety of proteins normally present in the body or produced in response to an antigen (toxin or enzyme) which it neutralises, thus producing an"immune response."

Immunisationagainst viral diseases invariably requires the virus used in the vaccine to be attenuated i.e. weakened or killed. Immunisation against bacterial diseases usually requires the use a small portion of the dead bacteria to stimulate the formation of antibodies against the whole bacteria.

Immunityis thus the condition of being immune, which can be innate (e.g. humans are innately immune to canine distemper) or conferred by a previous infection or immunisation.

In short:Vaccinesare weakened or killed pathogens deliberately injected into the healthy body to produce a response in the body and hopefully the production of antibodies to counter the attenuated pathogens such that it will prevent future infection with similar but more virulent pathogens thereby preventing disease and/or death. Thus,vaccinationis the term used to describe the use of vaccines to prevent specific diseases.

Vaccinationis thus the injection into a healthy body of a killed microbe in order to stimulate the immune system against the"live"microbe. The theory is that vaccinations, or immunisations, work by stimulating theimmune system, the natural disease-fighting system of the body. In addition, since the healthy immune system is able to recognise invading pathogens (bacteria and viruses) it produces substances (antibodies) to destroy or disable them.

In other words, immunisations is supposed to prepare the immune system to ward off a disease. Moreover, Governments, theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharmapeddle the myth that periodic repeat injections or"boosters"can improve the effectiveness of immunisations.

Governments, theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharmaknow that any and all criticisms of vaccines should be vilified and ruthlessly suppressed because they know that otherwise the public might refuse to take them.

A situation made worse when the known risks of the vaccines far outweigh the dubious benefits and that this passes into common knowledge such that the public understand vaccines do more harm than good.


" … the only safe vaccine is one that is never used."

Dr James R Shannon, former director of the US National Institute of Health.

TheMedical CartelBig Pharma,

theMedical Establishmentandcorruptgovernment structures)are master propagandists.

Vaccines do not prevent disease

They are especially adept at convincing the public that Edward Jenner's discovery of vaccines transformed the world for the good.

That it single-handedly eradicated or made less devastating many debilitating diseases such as polio and smallpox. Moreover, that vaccines have changed how these diseases affect humanity, that they give protection from once global killers and so removed the constant worry of the parent that their child might be struck down early in life by smallpox or crippled by polio or damaged by a vicious strain of mumps, measles or rubella.

This may be great propaganda and excellent sales-pitch for vaccines but it is not the truth of the matter.

Adjunct to the Establishment's propaganda is

"Myths in Immunisation."

Here theMasters of Illusion

tell us thatMyths in Immunisationare as old as immunisation itself.

That even in the beginning, when Edward Jenner first developed his smallpox vaccine in 1796, the public was concerned that material from cowpox sores was used and directly injected into people causing strange responses.

Hence cartoonists of the age drew children growing cattle horns and while the early tabloid press give breathless accounts of extraordinary side effects:

"A child ran upon on all fours like a beast, bellowing like a cow, and butting with its head like a bull."

The master propagandists behind theNew World Order Agenda, the

Masters of Illusions,

tell us that the rapid pace of vaccine development has been paralleled by a whole new generation of"Immunisation Myths."Myths that confuse the issue and lead the public, especially concerned parents, to think vaccines are bad and so do not vaccinate their children.

Where ignorance exists, say these authoritarian elitist, myths flourish. And unfortunately there is great ignorance on Immunisation even among those who give vaccines.

Thus,"Immunisation Myths"will endure and children put at risk so long as the public remain in ignorance of the true value and great benefits of vaccines.

Such is the persuasive nature of the propaganda spewed out of the mouths and from the pens of those who seek to destroy the viability of humanity by destroying the immune systems of individuals through vaccines and mass immunisation programmes.

TheInvisible Money Powercontrols the world by control of every and all structures of power: and so controls Governments, theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharma.

TheInvisible Money Power, theSynagogue of Satan,

theGlobal Elite,


call it what you will for it is the very same Beast, wants to set up aNew World Orderwith a compliant, servile slave population.

Moreover, set upLuciferandAhriman's Global Kingdomwith a population ideally

"500 million in perpetual balance with nature."

And one of the means they are using to do this is by controlling medicine, medical science and the production of drugs, their dissemination and use.

In other words, they now control the health of humanity and are busy destroying it by the ubiquitous use of allopathic drugs in general healthcare treatments and toxic, lethal vaccines used in mass immunisation programmes.

TheDark Powersand itsWorkers of Darknessare busily destroying the genetic make-up of mankind, busily introducing cancer-inducing agents into the individual and busily compromising the immune systems of all those foolish and trusting enough to takeBig Pharma'stoxic, lethal vaccines.

Reader, understand, vaccines do not work and have never worked the way their makers have said they did.

The living conditions in the Western World during the Industrial Revolution (the great transformation of Europe and North America from agricultural to industrial nations beginning in the early 18th century) where, for the most part and for the majority of people, horrendous.

Squalor and poor public health and hygiene resulted in massive mortality rates with the average age of death being 27. Poor sanitation compounded by polluted water supplies took their toll on the masses huddled in their squalid dwellings.

It was during this time of great change, urbanisation and industrialisation that the theory and practice of vaccination developed. Moreover, a time when the importance of public hygiene and unpolluted water supplies became evident to good health and when the city authorities began to do something about them.

With the provision of potable, safe public water supplies and the understanding and practice of public hygiene coupled with more sanitary private dwellings, the mortality rates began to tumble and people lived longer. This resulted in the explosion of population in the 19th century that seeded the expansion of the European empires around the world. Thus, as the theory and practice of vaccination and immunisation developed it was accompanied by the significant developments in public and private hygiene.

If careful study of both phenomenon is carried out (the theory and practice of vaccination and the theory and practice of public hygiene and health) then one is led to a startling conclusion. Much of the success attributed to vaccination programmes

(from which theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharmamake great propaganda)was due entirely to the great improvement in public health and hygiene.

Especially the great improvements in public water supply quality, in sanitation, in less crowded living conditions, in better nutrition, and in increasingly higher standards of living.

Throughout the industrialising and increasingly urbanised Western World, the incidences of a disease and mortality rates were in decline; but it is especially clear that the incidents of disease was clearly in decline before the vaccine for that disease was introduced. Thus, for example, in Great Britain, the incidence of polio had decreased by 82% before the polio vaccine was introduced in 1956.

In other words, vaccines were not the great saviours of society but incidental to the true causes i.e. good public health and individual longevity: greatly improved public water supply quality and sanitation combined with better quality dwellings, less crowded living conditions, better nutrition and increasingly higher standards of living. These factors were responsible for the spectacular turnaround in demographic trends not vaccines.

There is, in fact, compelling evidence that not only did vaccines not help in improving public health and individual mortality but that they do not actually work. That is, vaccines do not prevent diseases.

An example: Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is the English physician who is recognised as the pioneer of vaccination who inoculated people with small amounts of cowpox to prevent them from getting smallpox.

Cowpox is the viral disease of cattle causing a mild skin disease affecting the udder and Jenner supposedly noticed that milkmaids seemed immune to smallpox and reasoned that their exposure to the cowpox somehow made them impervious to the much more dangerous smallpox.

He thus scraped the cowpox pus from infected cow udders and injected it into healthy people, with supposed positive health results. That is, in 1796 he developed his vaccine that he said had produced immunity to smallpox.

Soon it was believed that the Cowpox vaccine was able to immunise people against smallpox. However, at the time the Cowpox vaccine was introduced, there was already a decline in Western Europe in the number of cases of Smallpox. In 1867, Great Britain carried out a draconian and compulsory Smallpox vaccine programme and those refusing the vaccine were prosecuted. Within 4 years, it is estimated that 97.5 % of Britons between 2 and 50 had been vaccinated. Yet, the following year, Britain experienced the worst recorded smallpox epidemic in its history with 44,840 deaths. Moreover, in the period 1871-80 the incidence of smallpox in Britain escalated from 28 to 46 per 100,000.

Another example is Japan, which introduced compulsory vaccination in 1872 and yet in 1892 there were 165,774 cases of smallpox with 29,979 deaths despite the vaccination programme.

Hence the conclusion: The smallpox vaccine does not work.

The devastating conclusion is thatvaccines do not workand that there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines are dangerous. What is more, they are never studied for safety before their general use.

So why are they used?

The uninformed will quickly say that the only reason for their existence is to increase the profits of pharmaceutical firms.

The more informed would agree but would add that profits alone are not the true purpose of vaccines, rather, that those who profit from them know what damage they do and are developing even more potent ways of increasing this damage.

Because theDark Powerscontrolling Governments,

theMedical EstablishmentandBigPharmahave an

Eugenic Population Control Agenda Guidestones

and vaccines and their universal use are intrinsic to it.

TheGlobal Elite Conference Attendees

behind theEugenic Population Control Agendado not publicise their aims, it is not discussed in their propaganda media organs and TV, for instance.

However, it is scattered about in the musings, writings and policy documents of the New World Order's numerous mouthpieces and front groups.

Thus, for example, the influential

Club of Rome's

position paper in which they state that the world population is too large and needs to be reduced by 90%,

orTed TurnerandJacques Cousteau's

comments in agreement, and the so-called

American Stonehengein which it is carved in stone.

They all, and many others, agree that the present population of 6 billion people is far too many for

Mother Earth

to support and is"unsustainable"and must be reduced to at least 500 to 600 million

"in constant balance with nature."


Vaccine failuresVaccines donot prevent diseases. This fact is easily demonstrated by the numerous cases of vaccine failures. That is, when disease outbreaks occur in populations that have been thoroughly vaccinated. Some examples should suffice to illustrate the phenomenon ofvaccine failure.

Diphtheria is the acute contagious infection caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria and is marked by the formation of a false membrane in the throat and other air passages causing difficulty in breathing. England and Wales instituted diphtheria vaccination in 1894 causing the number of deaths from diphtheria to rise by 20 % in the subsequent 15 years.

In Germany, Adolf Hitler instituted compulsory vaccination in 1939 after which the rate of diphtheria rocketed to 150,000 cases that year. However, in Norway, which did not have compulsory vaccination, only 50 cases of diphtheria were reported in the same year.

Measles is the acute and highly contagious viral disease marked by distinct red spots followed by a rash and occurs primarily in children. Epidemiology (branch of medical science dealing with the transmission and control of disease) shows that measles mortality rates had declined by 97% in Britain before measles vaccination was instituted in schools.

Also, outbreaks often occur in schools with high vaccination rates (over 98 %) including areas that had reported no cases of measles for years. There are also reported outbreaks of measles occurring in schools where 100 % of the children had been vaccinated. In other words, not only does it not do what it is supposed to do and stop measles but also, with high measles immunisation rates, it causes the outbreak of the disease only in vaccinated persons. That is, the measles vaccine causes measles in healthy populations.

Whooping Cough (pertussis: A disease of the respiratory mucous membrane) was a disease routinely given by Western governments to its children. In 1975, Germany stopped compulsory vaccination such that now less than 10 % of German children are vaccinated against Whooping Cough.

Yet, the number of cases of Whooping Cough has steadily decreasedeven though far fewer German children are receiving the Whooping Cough vaccine.

In the Netherlands, where for more than 20 years 96 % of babies have received three pertussis shots in their first year of life, Whooping Cough remains endemic. In 1986, there were 1300 cases of Whooping Cough in Kansas and 90 % of these cases occurred in children who had been adequately vaccinated.

Similarly, epidemiological records show vaccine failure in Nova Scotia where Whooping Cough continues to be occurring despite universal vaccination.

This proves among other things that immunity is more complex than in the theory of vaccination promulgated by Governments, theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharma. It illustrates that there is a fundamental difference between life-long immunity from natural infection and that supposedly given by vaccines. It shows that simply injecting attenuated pathogens and other dubious substances directly into the bloodstream does not bestow longevity and good health.

It clearly demonstrates the great flaw in the injection process (injecting viral and other toxic particles directly into the blood):

that once these toxins have been introduced into the body there is no adequate way to eliminate these foreign substances.

To create real immunity a full inflammatory response from the body is necessary. The body's immune system must be fully taxed by the pathogen to give future immunity to it. This does not occur when attenuated pathogens are introduced into the body via vaccines.

Before the introduction of measles and mumps vaccines children got measles and mumps and in the great majority of cases these diseases were benign since the immune systems easily handled the invasion. Vaccines drenched in attenuated pathogens (e.g. measles and mumps) indeed trigger an immune response but also"trick"the body so it does not mount a complete inflammatory response to the injected virus. The corollary of this is that vaccines are not only superfluous to good health, longevity and life-long immunity but that they actually compromise all three. In other words, vaccines arebadfor human health.


vaccinations3TheMedicalCartel(theMedical EstablishmentandBig Pharma) promotes the idea that vaccine laboratories and manufacturing facilities are some of the cleanest and antiseptic places in the world. The truth is they are not and contamination occurs all the time.

Thus, purity and cross-contamination are major issues since all sorts of debris are introduced into vaccines.

For example, the"SV40 monkey virus"that found its way into the polio vaccine because the vaccine was made by using monkey kidneys.

The"SV40 monkey virus"was later found in cancer tumours in humans and so those who"took the shot"were infected with the monkey virus, which contributed to their cancer.

In other words, the use of monkey kidneys to make the polio vaccine opened the door to a strange, foreign germ from a different species to infect the human body. The corollary is thus that by using a variety of species to manufacture various vaccines in facilities suffering from defective protocols and procedures will inevitably introduce foreign germs into the vaccines, which will cause perturbations to the human immune system.

The actual lab conditions, the mistakes and careless errors -the human error factor- are endemic to the manufacturing process. Thus, contamination of vaccines is a structural problem that cannot be eradicated. Consequently, it is an accepted part of the vaccine manufacturing process and vaccine makers know that different types of contaminants deleterious to human health are part of their vaccines.

Put differently, contaminants that are very dangerous to human health that should not be in the vaccines are in the vaccines due to unavoidable"mistakes"and are introduced directly into an individual's bloodstream, by-passing their normal immune defences, when they"take the shot."

For example, various chicken viruses in the Rimavex measles vaccine; Acanthamoeba, which is a so-called"brain-eating"amoeba, and Simian cytomegalovirus in polio vaccine; Simian foamy virus in the rotavirus vaccine; Bird-cancer viruses and Pestivirus in the MMR vaccine; Duck, dog, and rabbit viruses in the rubella vaccine; Avian leucosis virus in the flu vaccine as well as dangerous enzyme inhibitors in several vaccines.

These are all contaminants that should not belong in the vaccines but are because of poor protocols and human error.

Some vaccines, such as some polio vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, rubella, Hep A and measles, are made with aborted human foetal tissue. The morality of this notwithstanding, these vaccines are also contaminated with elements from the foetal tissue, such as bacterial fragments and poliovirus.

Animal tissues from various species are routinely used in vaccine manufacture, which is the main source of"foreign proteins"and"foreign viruses."

Other toxic, carcinogenic materials are also purposely put into vaccines such as chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminium.

The basic premise about vaccines is founded upon

faulty grounds.

This states that vaccines are wonderful medicines because they are safe and work wonderfully well. It further states that vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to create the conditions for immunity from disease. A vaccine does this by "creating" antibodies which, indirectly, offer protection against disease. It is a simple premise but one that does not stand up to scrutiny.

The human immune system is much more sophisticated than the one presented in theMedical Cartel'sparadigm. It is more complex, larger and more involved than simply antibodies and their related"killer cells."

The human immune system is the entire body, including the mind. That is why in the middle of a pandemic many individuals remain healthy because their level of general health is good and so their immune system is strong.

Thus, vaccine contamination by biological contaminants such as"foreign proteins"and"foreign viruses"is unavoidable many of them also remain undiscovered. Using animal tissue invariably means using material contaminated with"foreign proteins"and"foreign viruses."

Moreover, the exact number and nature of them is unknown. Thus, vaccine manufacturers do not know what or how many contaminants are in their animal tissues.

They have no idea how many possible germs are in these animal tissues and so no idea what they might be, or what effects they could have on humans when introduced directly into the bloodstream and by-passing normal immune defences. Furthermore, many biological contaminants remain undiscovered because researchers and quality control do not to look for them.

Consequently, no attempt to calculate or quantify the damage caused by these contaminants is undertaken. No or very little testing is done and so no degree of risk in"taking the shot"is carried out.

In short, vaccines are not tested in a scientific way according to the

Scientific Method.

Taking the vaccine shot is like taking part in Russian Roulette. You take the chance that your"shot"will not hurt or kill you by giving you the disease it is intended to protect you from, or by inducing a massive allergic reaction or by giving you a contaminant that produces delayed reactions like cancer.

Many toxic elements are present in vaccines. They are there primarily due to human error and poor procedure.

However, some are there by design and euphemistically called"adjuvants."

That is, put in by their makers to perturb and disrupt the human immune system. That is why vaccines are the true weapons of mass destruction in theSoft Kill phaseof the Power Elite's Total War with humanity.

Many toxic elements are found in vaccines and some of them are very difficult to identify.

These are the"foreign proteins,"which could mean almost anything.

It could mean protein from foreign viruses that should only be found in the animals it was designed by God to infect.

"Foreign proteins"and other toxic, lethal materials injected directly into the bloodstream without passing through the ordinary human immune defences.

Animal tissues from various species are routinely used in vaccine manufacture, which is the main source of "foreign proteins" and"foreign viruses."

Other toxic, carcinogenic materials are also purposely put into vaccines such as chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, and aluminium.The basic theory of vaccines is founded upon faulty grounds, especially two false premisses.

First, the premiss that vaccines are wonderful medicines because they are safe and work wonderfully well.

Second, the premiss that vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to create the conditions for immunity from disease. A vaccine does this by"creating"antibodies which, indirectly, offer protection against disease. It is a simple premise but one that does not stand up to scrutiny.

The human immune system is much more sophisticated than the one presented in theMedical Cartel'sparadigm. It is more complex, larger and more involved than simply antibodies and their related"killer cells."The human immune system is the entire body, including the mind. That is why in the middle of a pandemic many individuals remain healthy because their level of general health is good and so their immune system is strong.


Vaccine statistics are routinely misrepresented to support theMedical Cartel'sparadigm and to conceal the real and dangerous nature of inoculation. A favourite trick is conceal vaccine failure by misdiagnosis and calling a disease something else. For example, people who have received the hepatitis B vaccine and yet still come down with hepatitis.

Since, hep B is a liver disease it can by diagnosed as other things, the doctor or statistician can change the diagnosis, thus, concealing the root cause of the problem. This is greatly helped by ignorant and trusting doctors who believe the propaganda of their profession.

Doctors automatically assume that people who get vaccines do not come down with the diseases they are supposed to be protected from. Hence, if a person who is vaccinated against hepatitis gets hepatitis, or gets some other disease, the doctor's automatic assumption is it had nothing to do with the disease and that the vaccine has done its job.

In short, theMedical Professionis a closed system and admits no fault; especially in regard to vaccines.


Vaccines not propely testedVaccines are not tested in a scientific way according to the

Scientific Method, for, to do so would expose them for the real hazards to health they represent.

For example, no long-term studies are done on any vaccines and neither is long-term follow-ups carried out in any careful or systematic way. The reason for this abuse of the

Scientific Method

by vaccine manufacturers and the enforcing authorities is due to the universal assumption that vaccines do not cause problems and any meaningful check would be a waste of time and resources.

Moreover, an adverse vaccine reaction is defined by theMedical Cartelsuch that they only occur very soon after the shot is given. In other words, a situation that does not make sense or stands up to scrutiny. Vaccines obviously act in the body long after it they are given and a reaction can be gradual, weeks, months even years later.

Physical deterioration can be gradual and neurological problems can develop over time, as they do in various conditions and poisonings.

Hence, toxic conditions develop over time with other allopathic treatments and poisons passed off as medicines so surely they can also develop at a much later time with the very toxic vaccines, and even more so?

There are numerous cases where a vaccine as not only


but the entire campaign highlighted the great harm inherent in the vaccination process. That is, where peopleen massehave come down with the disease against which they were vaccinated.

Even the many instances of vaccine failure are glossed-over and the mountain of evidence ignored. In addition, if any of the vaccine failures are addressed the"experts"dismiss it as an isolated situation and state that overall the vaccine has been shown to be safe"elsewhere"and in"tests."

Nevertheless, all the vaccine campaigns where damage and disease have occurred should alert the wise that these"vaccine failures"are not isolated situations.

However, theMedical Cartel'spower is such and its

propaganda masterful

and all pervasive that the obvious empirical evidence and strong correlations that proves and demonstrates vaccine harm are suppressed. Moreover, any one from the medical profession who dares challenge this suppression of truth risks not only his career and reputation but his life as well.

Moreover, that such clear evidence and strong correlations indicate harm, damage and death arising from vaccine use and no proper investigations are carried out alerts the wise that something is very wrong.

In addition, if an investigation is done people who assume that vaccines are safe and so are not interested in looking at the facts carry it out.

That is, when they do investigate they do so with preconditions and assumptions, definitions and ideas, which automatically rule out a condemnation of the vaccine.

They investigate believing that inoculation is a proven and powerful medical treatment and any vaccine is safe. Thus, invariably, these prejudiced investigators come up with exonerations of the vaccine and pass these off as objective science in reports endorsing not only the vaccine in question but also vaccinations in general.

A salient example of this phenomenon is the treatment meted out by theMedical Establishmentto the British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who uncovered the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Wakefield was the lead author of a 1998 research study published in

The Lancettitled

"Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis,

and pervasive developmental disorder in children"

in which the link between the was made with the MMR vaccination and MMR vaccinated children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and other disabilities.

Although the correlations between the MMR vaccine and autism are stunning it did not cause thePowers-that-beto thoroughly investigate the problem, rather, it only provoked theMedical Cartelto strike out at this man and his research.

As the controversy raged and concerned parents sensed that Wakefield told the truth, Wakefield resigned from the Royal Free Hospital in December 2001,

saying"I have been asked to go because my research results are unpopular."

The medical school said that he had left"by mutual agreement."

In February, 2002, Wakefield stated,"What precipitated this crisis was the removal of the single vaccine, the removal of choice, and that is what has caused the furore - because the doctors, the gurus, are treating the public as though they are some kind of moronic mass who cannot make an informed decision for themselves."

Eventually he was in front of the highest disciplinary board of theBritish Medical Establishmentdefending himself from charges of serious professional misconduct for his temerity in investigating the links between the MMR jab and autism in children.

Wakefield faced a disciplinary hearing

at the General Medical Council in London and faced being struck off the medical register after he and two colleagues published their findings and a direct link between the triple jab for measles, mumps and rubella and inflammatory bowel disease and autism.

Dr Wakefield defended himself by declaring that he had responded to the"plight"of mothers with sick children and it was his"duty as a physician and a human being"to carry out such investigations.

Later, in 2004 and 2006, Wakefield was accused by theSunday Timesof a conflict of interest in that monies were given to his erstwhile employer, the Royal Free Hospital (55,000 from the UK's Legal Aid Board to pay for the research) and Wakefield himself who received an undisclosed 400,000 by the lawyers responsible for the MMR lawsuit.

TheLancetresponded to theSunday Times'investigation in a public statement, describing Wakefield's research as"fatally flawed,"and said it would have rejected it as biased if the peer reviewers had been aware of Wakefield's conflict of interest. Although Wakefield denied the charges twelve of his co-authors of theLancetpaper later published a retraction of an interpretation.

In February 2009, theSunday Timesagain attacked Wakefield by reporting that a further investigation had revealed that Wakefield"changed and misreported results in his research, creating the appearance of a possible link with autism."

Throughout the controversy various Medical Establishment elements and"experts"upheld the dogma and vigorously maintained that no link has been found between the MMR vaccine and autism and by inference that no link generally exists between vaccines and diseases.

This is a cynical and wicked stance given the number of vaccines routinely given to babies and infants today. Toxic vaccines whose synergistic effects, whose combined destructive power, are evident from the empirical evidence and from the obvious chronic sickness of contemporary society that has been vaccinated to an inch of their lives.

No real public and published studies of any depth have been carried out on the synergistic effects of vaccines.

Again, the general assumption made by both the Medical Profession and the trusting public is that all vaccines are safe, and therefore any number of vaccines given together are safe as well. But, the truth is no vaccine is safe and so the potential damage increases when you give a number of them and especially in a short time period. And especially to babies whose immune systems are poorly formed, vulnerable and easily compromised.

Hence, theMedical Cartel'sdevelopment, use and defence of vaccines are both a travesty of truth and a crime against humanity.


swine_flu_test-tubesTheMedical Cartelhas not only failed to establish the safety and efficacy of vaccines it has not taken the great moral duty to establish burden of proof that they are safe to use. It has wilfully neglected or ignored proofs to the contrary that dispel the myth of vaccination as the wonder treatment that has eradicated some of man's greatest enemies. In short, theMedical Cartelhas failed to establish burden of proof that vaccines are effective and safe.

Moreover, peddles a medical myth, a non-scientific and dangerous assertion, that vaccines work and are safe.

The burden of proof in establishing the safety and efficacy of vaccines is on the people and vested interests, which manufacture, licence and profit greatly from them during public mass vaccination programmes.

The burden of proof is not on the recipients, the trusting, naive public, butBig Pharma, theMedical Establishmentand government.

And for adequate proof, well-designed long-term studies with extensive follow-ups are required. That is, proper and unbiased epidemiological studies carried out by unprejudiced, disinterested competent scientists not in thrall or the pay ofBig Pharma.

And particularly, researchers who properly and thoroughly interview mothers and pay attention to what mothers say about their babies and what happens to them after vaccination. In short, the necessary and essential requirements that are not present in theMedical Establishment'sauthorised and mandated researches on vaccines and their effects upon human health.

TheMedical Cartel'sreluctance to carry out their due diligence and to establish the necessary burden of proof that their vaccines work and are harmless is understandable.

Why? Because vaccines do not work and are harmful to human health and any proper study of the subject would reveal this; which, of course, is something theMedical Carteldoes not want to happen.

Vaccines and mass vaccination are intrinsic to the New World Order Agenda'sEugenic Population Control Agenda

by which theGlobal Elite

plan to remove over90%

of the world population and leave alive only

"500 million in perpetual balance with nature." Guidestones

In other words, vaccines and mass vaccination are crucial parts of theSoftandHard Killstrategies used

by thePower Elite

to cull and control humanity and nothing will prevent it from using them.

And certainly, no proper and adequate studies highlighting their baneful effects upon both the individual and society will stop them.


Using vaccines can causetwo potential harmful outcomes. One, because some version of the disease is in the vaccine to begin with the vaccinee gets the disease from the vaccine, which the vaccine is supposed to protect him from. Two, the vaccinee does not get the disease in the vaccine, but at some later time they develop another condition that is caused by the vaccine. For example, autism, or meningitis, or they become mentally disabled and, very commonly, develop some form of cancer in middle age.

The relative frequencies of these different outcomes are very hard to establish since theMedical Cartelhas no vested interest in establishing them. On the contrary, they have every reason to obscure them.

Hence, the deliberate policy encouraged by theMedical Cartelof slack, sloppy science involved in vaccine manufacture and use. Moreover, the deliberate sketchy and poor follow-up research into a vaccine's effects upon the individual, especially months and years after"taking the shot."

Thus, in absence of proper research and adequate figures no reliable answers can be given on this most important matter. There can be no definitive answers to questions such as how many out of a population of a hundred thousand children who get a measles vaccine get the measles, and how many develop other problems from the vaccine. There are no reliable answers to such questions but anecdotal evidence and the spectacular rise of cancers and other emerging diseases imply that something is very wrong.

Vaccines are mysterious medicine; they are mystical preparations holding almost mythical status and as such are surrounded by many superstitions. And, as with all superstitions, there is a great deal of opinions and beliefs but very few useful facts. Furthermore, there are many stories most of which are designed to enforce the superstition and which are roundly endorsed by theMedical Cartel.

However, from many vaccine campaigns, various parts can be pieced together from which a narrative emerges that does reveal some very disturbing things. It is a narrative that tells how vaccines are harmful to human health and that many people have been harmed, a real harm often ending in death. Moreover, a narrative that tells how the harm is not limited to a few cases, as theMedical Cartelwould gave us all believe, but is widespread and enduring.

The spectacle of groups of mothers who testify to the direct link between autism and childhood vaccines, who come forward and standing up at public meetings is a salient example of this great scandal. That they are essentially filling the gap created by the researchers and doctors who turn their backs on the whole thing.


Ever since Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin in the 1940s, drugs that kill viruses have been the

Holy Grail

of modern medicine. Penicillin is the group of antibiotics obtained from Penicillium moulds and used in the treatment of various infections and diseases. Penicillin was the first drug that could kill a broad spectrum of bacteria in the human body; consequently, they have saved many millions of lives.

Nevertheless, modern medicine has signally failed to find a drug that would be as affective on the viruses. In other words, there has never been a drug, which kills viruses the way antibiotics killed bacteria.

Hence the problem with colds and flu:

most of them are viral and so antibiotics are ineffective.

This then begs the question is there really such a thing as a drug that kills viruses:

Do the so-called antiviral pills such as"Tamiflu"work?

The manufacturers, of course, think so and make extravagant claims about their effectiveness.

Hence, "Tamiflu" maker Gilead whose blurb, without citing actual studies, that:

"The results of several clinical studies show that Tamiflu is up to 92% effective in preventing influenza illness in adolescents, adults and the elderly when taken once daily …[Tamiflu]is the first antiviral pill, effective against all common strains of flu, that can safely protect people who are in close contact with someone who has the flu."

However, pulling away the dense cloak of sales pitch and PR cloaking Gilead's"Tamiflu"one finds the actual words of the scientists involved in its production and their professional opinion on it.

ThePhysician's Desk Reference(Big Pharma'sbible) tells a different story than the one presented in Gilead's propaganda.

In thePhysician's Desk Reference, we read that"Tamiflu's"declared action is that it prevents flu viruses from collecting on cells by inhibiting a specific enzyme (neuraminidase ) which helps viruses to bind to cells.

However, there are problems with this.

First, the makers cannot prove this action, do not know if this is indeed the action of the drug, and so, are obliged to refer to it as the"proposed"mechanism of activity.

Second, and more pertinent, Gilead's scientists state that even though this"proposed"mechanism of activity seems to occur in culture, in Petri dishes in controlled laboratory conditions,"the relationship between the activity in a culture and the inhibition of influenza virus replications in humans has not been established."

In other words, Gilead's scientists who formulated"Tamiflu"admit that they do not know whether it works in humans.

Even if"Tamiflu"did what it says on the box, and inhibit virus proliferation in humans, it would not be effective for very long.

TheInfluenza Virusesare one of the fastest mutating of all known human viruses, mutating several times in one flu season.

Mutation even occurs within the same person.

Thus, at any one time there are hundreds of strains of influenza infecting people. This rapid mutation and scores of different strains is the reason why flu vaccines have never worked and have had virtually no effect on the incidence of flu.

Thus, while the flu viruses mutate the so-called antiviral pills do not and are rendered useless if, of course, they had any use in the first place

Gilead's scientists admit as such:

"Insufficient information is available to fully characterize the risk of emergence of Tamiflu resistance in clinical use."

ThePhysician's Desk Referencecontains other pertinent information on"Tamilflu,"for instance, the short window of opportunity claimed for its effectiveness.

"Tamiflu is indicated for the treatment of uncomplicated influenza infection in patients 1 year and older who have been symptomatic for no more than 2 days."

In other words, the scientists are saying"Tamiflu"does not work if the patient has had the flu for more than two days. Further reading reveals other serious limitations.

For instance, that"Tamiflu"cannot help any patients who are already sick with the flu but also its makers admit that they do not know if multiple courses of"Tamiflu"are safe, since they never tested for more than one course.

The manufacturers also state they cannot guarantee the safety a foetus during pregnancy if their drug is used and so warn pregnant woman not to take it. Therefore, they do not recommend"Tamiflu"during pregnancy.

ThePhysician's Desk Referencelists other declared side effects of"Tamiflu,"a drug that has never been proven to work in humans, they are:

rash; swelling of face; epidermal necrolysis (skin death); hepatitis; cardiac arrhythmia; and aggravation of diabetes seizures.

"Tamiflu,"which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2000, has never been proven to work in humans.

Moreover, it has had no effect on the incidence of flu since its first use.

The US Centres of Disease Control (CDC) has tested more than 50 strains of


and found that 98% of them are resistant to"Tamiflu."

And yet it is now being glorified as a possible"Magic Bullet"for theSwine Flu Pandemic. Such is the nature of the antiviral pill and theDark Propagandaassociated with it that theMedical Carteland mainstream media are hawking as the saviour of humanity from theSwine Flu Plague.

 World Health OrganisationGentle reader, understand, theMedical Cartelis not a benign alliance working for the best interests of society. At its highest level, theMedical Cartelis controlled by people who are not dedicated to helping people but, on the contrary, out to do them great harm.

They are people who work to a different agenda than the one supposed.

They are working to aDark Agendawhose goal is the decimation of the world population, especially the Third World peoples, by whatever means necessary. And theMedical Cartelhas found a wonderful tool to help them achieve their goals of world depopulation: and that is vaccines, which weaken people, make them


and eventually kills them.

Moreover, reader understand, vaccines and mass vaccination are intrinsic to the New World Order Agenda'sEugenic Population Control Agenda

by which theGlobal Elite

plan to remove over90%

of the world population and leave alive only

"500 million in perpetual balance with nature." Guidestones


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egar nmskeiinu var loki fr inn Hovedbanegaarden og ni lest sem fr kl 17.30 tilKliplev og sem betur fer urfti g ekki a skifta um lest. a var nokku lng fer 3 og hlfur tmi. Fkk gott veur alla leiina, sl mest megnis. Rosalegt er a sj hvernig mrg tn og akrar hafa fari t r essum rigningum arna sumar en a er bi a vera svipa veur og var Englandi...Kom til Kliplev um 9 og komu Keli og Siggi a n mig...en a var ca 10 min keyrsla aan til Sogaard. Gaman a sj framan karl skarfinnHeart... Daginn eftir var sl og rmlega 20 stig.. g og Emmy og litli ktur frum til skalands til Flensborg a skoa bir og Keli og Siggi niur til Rensburg ( held a a s rtt skrifa) og keypti Keli sr gtar ar 400 evrur ( helmingi minna en hann kostar hr) g endai me v a kaupa slatta af skm tslu en eir sem voru drastir voru adidas ftboltaskr 50 evrur....ttu a kosta 65 ...En arir voru bilinu 10 -20 evrur sem g keypti.

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Daginn eftir gekk me skrum en ekki svona brjluu rhelli eins og kvldinu ur.. Gaf svo Emmy svona Galvanic spa mefer og a sst sko lka munur hennar andliti eftir slttara og hraustlegra..meira blstreymi sem s...Vorum svo bara leti allavega g nennti engu en karlarnir skruppu til Aabenraa og fru og lbbuu arna eitthva gngugtunni og nu a lenda hellidembu og koma rennblautir heim v slendingar eru ekki vanir a taka regnhlfar me sr hvert sem fari er en kanski allt lagi a fara a venja sig vi a....ttum svo bara rlegt kvld...Keli og Siggi fru svo niur til skalands aftur v a a var gtartaska sem Keli lofai a kaupa fyrir kunningja sem eir voru a n en var hn ekki komin eins og bi hafi veri a lofa.. g tk svo Emmy hfubeina og spjaldhryggsmefer og lei henni okkalega betur en ur eftir hana. Var sl og hiti um sm tma......Siggi keyri okkur Kela svo til Tinglev um kl 6 en ar tkum vi lest sem fr inn til Hoje Taastrup. Vorum rtt komin inn lestarstina egar skall vlka helli demban. Svo var okkalegasta veur leiinni alveg a og yfir Litla belti meira a segja sl en rtt eftir a vi komum r gngunum keyrir lestin inn ennan lka stsvarta bakkann og rumur og eldingar. Ver a jta a a er ekki ilegt a sj eldingarblossana sitthvoru megin vi lestina rtt hj...manni lei ekki beint vel.....komust svo a v daginn eftir a brnni var loka bara rtt eftir a vi vorum komin yfir hana og var allavega loku 2 tma..Tkum svo leigubl fr Hje Taastrup og anga sem g vi hldum til. Majken hafi fari til Slagelse til vinkonu sinnar og gisti ar annig a vi vorum bara tv....Wink

Daginn eftir frum vi svo inn kben fnasta veri svona passlega heitu g sko var sl seinni partinn.... g fr me etta fjrans smaka kort sem g hafi keypt og gekk ekkert a koma inn smann og g a f a endurgreitt inn bankareikning hr heima...Frum svo niur Axelborg bodega og var Solla a vinna ar og vi kvaum a f okkur a bora arna og fengum virkilega gan mat og vel ti ltinn. Stum svo arna og spjlluum og horfum mannlfi og frum og lbbuum svo Strikinu og fengum tekinaar skopmyndir af okkur s sem geri a var virkilega gur og a g held ekki dr en myndin kostai 50 dk. En vlkur mannfjldi arna og svo var eitthva gay pride dmi rhstorginu lka.. Frum svo aftur niur Axelborg bodega v a Solla ni vrur fyrir mig sem g tlai a taka me mr heim..Stum svo og kjftuum leiinni og g fatta svo allt einu a vi erum komin Taastrup stina en keli vildi meina a vi frum t Hje Taastrup sem er nsta eftir en agotinu hef g gleymt vrunum lestinni Crying. Uppgtvai a bara egar vi vorum kominn rstutt fr pallinum....g reyndi svo a finna t r v hvernig g gti fundi farangur sem hefi gleymst en a gekk ekki vel og ekki hgt a n staffi hj DSB nema fr 10-14 daginn sma..lleg jnusta a ver g a segja.. v miur fundust vrurnar ekki ea allavega var a svari sem g fkk....Sennilega einhver fareginn teki a svo g eigi erfitt me a tra v ea eir sem gera lestarnar hreinar...dskoti er g fl t sjlfa mig fyrir a gleyma einum litlum poka sem a vsu innihaldi var nokku drt rugglega svipa og allir skrnir og bolirnir saman.....bin a vera a flakka lestum mestan tmann sem g er arna og lenda svo essu irr og pirr....

Svo var fari a pakka niur ( mtti halda a maur hefi veri a flytja...) alltaf er maur me of miki af farangri me sr en kanski maur urfi a ferast oftar til taka ekki of miki me sr af ftum og alls ekki of stra tsku.. En g held s mest eftir v a hafa ekki sent sk og ft ca 10 kg heim gegnum psthsi v fyrir 20 kg ar borgai maur 555 dk en 6 kg yfirvigt geri sko 480 dk....Majken keyri okkur svo t Kastrup og g fr sem s heim sama veri og mtti mr egar g kom til Danmerkur en a var sl og rmlega 20 stiga hiti..Gamla frn heilsai mr lka me sama veri og a hafi kvatt mig 2 vikum fyrr me rigningu...jja held g a g lti essarri sgu loki.. En g er virkilega ng me ferina heild sinni og hver veit nema maur endi me v a flytja t. Ef a maur hefi haft lausar 1 og hlfa miljn danskar hefum vi geta n okkur flott einblishs blskli og strum gari....Svo hver veit nema maur endi sem bauni....

g og lestarferir..phe..lestardraumarnir mnir ljslifandi...

Hafst a lokum a komast hinga eftir hitt og etta moj..Heimstti allavega Fredensborg slot a vsu rigningu rtt ur en g fr aan..en hefi g haft vit a taka myndavlina me egar g fr jga ..(sem a skrokkurin mr mundi eftir fr x ra langt afur tmann minningu en ekki eira a segja sj fjlubltt og hvtt me loku augu..) a var nefnilega rigning egar vi frum en fnt veur egar vi keyrum framhj slottinu..fittar..En hva um a g hafi islegan tma arna a stuttur vri..en a er j ekki alltaf lengdin sem skiftir mli heldur ginWink

g gaf svo hjnakornunum sm cranio mefer en au undruust miki hita minna handa.. ( eitthva verur j a vera heitt sem er fr "sa" kldu landi ekki satt..) Hva um a a a sem plagai au plagai ekki eftir..g hef vst "gode hender" svo keyrum vi framhj slottinu lei lestarstina .. var bi rigning og turistar ar..fittar.. Jja..hafi a af lestarstina og kom a tmanlega a g kva a taka lestina sem var 10 min undan eirr i sem g tti a fara me bara til a hafa betri tma..veitti sko ekki af kom ljs......

Kom inn Norreport ar sem g tti a skifta og fr ann sta sem g taldi a vri rttur, en ekki alveg viss og spuri flk og sndi eim svokalla "klippekort" fkk g a vita a g yri a kaupa spes billet v ef g hefi hann ekki tti g httu a borga 600 sekt..ok svo var a upp allar fjrans trppurnar eftir og miasluna ar sem var korters bi og var lestin mn farin..flott.. J g var a kaupa spes mia me ICS ea D lestinni og a nsta lest fri ekki fyrr en eftir 1 tma fr Nrreport...en ef g fri inn Hovedbanegrden da ville jeg kunde komme med tog halv time fr...og der kunne jeg bruge de billetter jeg havde.......Okey....... geri g a......

Svo fann g information ar og spyr hvenr nsta lest s til Slagelse.. var hn kl. 16 og enn hlf tmi hana...g hringi Pia og hn segir ok.det gr..... en fer bara t Sor...Svo versnai a enn, nrri 20 min seinkun lestinni.puhe...a er a segja eftir a g kom inn hana...ok...svo er g bara a leika mr blessuum tlvuskrattanum a mr dettur allt einu huga a spyrja lii sem sat me mr hvenr vi komum til Sor..ja s er vikrt forbi og den stansede ikke........og nste stop er jo Slagelse ..og g skelli draslinu saman og hugsa ja her ver g a fara t a Pia urfi a keyra fram og til baka ea g a taka bus ea lest....

Nsta lest var sko klukkutma seinna sem fri fr Slagelse til Sor..puhe..g hringi Piu..og segi henni farir hennar gmlu barnapu.. er hn rtt komin til Slagelse..og arf a keyra til baka aftur.. held a hn hafi rnta nrri 100 km t af essu bggi.. Hva um a g kom allavega me slina til hennar eins og g lofai ur en g fr af sta fr gamla frni...allavega i nokkra tma en a hafi mg ringt hr allan dag, bara ar til g hefi tt a vera komin mnus allt klur..

Rosalega spes og fallegur staur sem au eru hr... en ekki eitthva sem hinn almennii trsti sr.... Er bin a eiga yndislegan tma me Piu, hennar manni og 5 brnum, geitum, hundum, vottabirni, hnsnum og hestum..pafagauki sem talar..hostar reyndarika, flautar eins og lest og kann hljoin i sjukrabilnum lika..thannig ad madur hrokk oft vid....a gleymdum froskum sem g var nstum v bin a myra gngunni um landareignina..ja og rakst likaa ledurbldkur...

En n er karluglan ea kelu dri.....Coolsitjandi strandi l massavs me slenskum vinum okkar niur Sogrd sem er vi landamri Danmerkur /skalands... mnus mnar hrakfarir lestarferum reikna g me v a komast anga sunnudagskvld eftir nmskeii...Kveja til eirra sem nenna a kvitta ekki hinna Wink

"Skrapp" til Fredensborg dag heimskn til "en veninde"

jja... sest maur hr aftur egar allir eru allir eru a farnir a sofa enda eru mnir dnsku vinir meira svefnurfi en "den skre kjlling fra Island"...GetLost Kom hinga um hlf fimm dag eftir 1 og hlf tma fer lest fr Taastrup....urfti a skifta tvisvar og gekk a strslysalaust fyrir sig....... Passlega ltil sl mean g var lestinni en bjart og logn egar g kom hinga.... merkilegt a vi vinkonurnar ekktum enn hvor ara eftir 33 r.....en vorum vi j ungar og fallegar en vi erum j enn fallegar..Cool Vi stum og rifjum upp gammel tid og svoleiis...svo eldai hn alveg eitt a besta sem g hef smakka en a er laukterta og uppskriftina fkk g hj henni......nammi namm. ...kanski eins gott a g er ekki hr lengur en tvr vikur..annars yrfti a rlla mr um lesta- og flugstvar,,,Pinch .. En best a fara a koma sr bli v a skrngla mr jga morgun ..kanski g losni vi ennan helvskan bvtans drtt sem sinadrttur ( held a a s nstum vi heila drttavl a sem mnir hafa veri phe...) Samt t g magnesum....kanski g veri a minnka kalki.......v a verur a vera minna til a ntast/ takast upp en magnesum.....ef ekki er ng magnesum fellur a t.....Jja n er a a koma sr bli og vonast til a essir leiinda "drttir" lti mig frii ... GetLost B bara eftir v a hitta karlinn egar a hann kemur t Tounge Kveja til alle......

"Loppemarked "/ Flamarka...... dag, en "dart" gr..

tlai a vera bin a skrifa frslu enlenti sverver bggi...og a kva a vera ekki ok fyrr en nna...Verst af llu a g get ekki einu sinni leyft mr a sofa t einn einasta morgun...Cryingfjrans vvakrampi ea sina"drttur" annarri lppinni sr vel fyrir v.....a er sko ljti ""drtturinn GetLostEn essi fjrans sinadrttur minnir mig allavega a sem ein fr sagi fjlskylduboi ..en a var a sinadrttur vri betri en enginn "drttur" ...en g segi nei fjrinn hafi a, en hn hlt n a......en g gat ekki mr seti og sagi ,,miki hroalega hafa nir drttir veri llegir..."..Henni fannst svari ekki alveg eins fyndi og rum vistddum, en g var allavega ekki tengdadttir hennar og var etta fyrsta og sasta skifti sem g hitti manneskjuna..hvort sem a var af essu svari mnu ea a g og sonur hennar httum saman.... Hva um a.. tlai g a fara inn kben centrum gr en a gekk ekki eftir v g nennti bara mgulega "pisseregnvejr" og rumum og eldingum...a htti svo a rigna um kvldmatarleyti. stainn frum vi dart klbbinn og spiluum sm og g er a drepast strengjum eftir a...en hittnin var svona og svona... Svo var komi hinga heim og komu 2 dart flagar me og var pntu pizza ja g kva a vsu a f mr steik nammi namm sem var a vsu a drasta listanum....

Svo rltum vi pbb hr stutt fr og g fann loks mitt upphalds l en a er guiness... Minn fasti ""drtturvakti mig alltof snemma morgun.GetLost.. Svo frum vi af sta um eitt leyti flamarkainn og a var okkaleg blalest..eir sem voru hjlum komust hraar yfir en vi...g ni a gera g kaup a g tel ....keypti gullhring 60, r, belti og nokkrar flkur ..telst til a a hafi veri um 300 kr a heila..ekki samt neitt skran..En eitt fann g arna sem g stst sko ekki en a var mitt upphalds snakk "flskesvr".... nammi namm.... Fengum okkur fnustu oksestg og s eftirrtt en aldrei hef g fyrr boora s me vatnsdeigsbollum ja ekki bollum heldur strimlum og sykri og var sinn settur ofan etta brf svipa og vi notum fyrir pylsur...sinn var ok en hitt aeins of stt fyrir minn smekk....Vi lbbuum svo arna um fr kl 2 til um 7 og g tla alls ekki a reyna a mynda mr klmetrana...phe.. Meiningin var eiginlega a hitta Sollu inn Kben sjlfriegar vi vrum bnar markainum en g var bara alveg bin llu essu rammi enda orin h ldru....svo a vi kvum a hittast fimmtudaginn eftir a g kem fr Sor... Ekki get g sett inn myndir hr frslurnar urr og pirr...... annig a g set r bara stainn..

Sm " hilsen" fr Danmrk......

g er ekki bin a vera dugleg a skrifa eins og sst svo sem......g skrapp me fjlskyldunni mivikudag niur til Roskilde barrp...Keypti mr bk um sveppi en annars ekkert.....Maur var a kafna r hita en a var um 30 stig muni g rtt ....Svo var bara veri leti og spjalla....... fimmtudaginn forum vi Mjaken inn mibinn hr og g rifjai upp kynni mn af "ristede plser"..fjri hafa r stkka san denn...g gat varla klra eina...ekki nema von a flk fitni ef a allir skammtar eru ornir tvfaldir.....Keypti smakort og a sem er drast eftir v sem vi fundum t var a sem heitir Nst ..Keypti mr 2 stuttbuxur... 150 kr...Fr svo og slai mig eftir a vi komum heimen a passai a slin kva nttrulega a hn vri bin a vera ngu lengi....Fr svo me hjnunum eftir kvldmat dart klbb sem er hr og vorum ar a skjta plum fram eftir kvldinu..g hef ekki komi nlgt dart mrg r annig a frni mn var ekki g a hitta.....En g hitti ....a passai a a var skjaog skrir gr...hefi geta spara a a kaupa essar stuttbuxurCoolHjnin fru svo til slands gr...g og Majken vorum bara leti og g hringdi vinkonur mnar hr til a finna t hvenr vi gtum hisst...og a verur tt pkku dagskrin nstu viku v a helgin var lngu skipulg hj eim....Mnudaginn er a Gitte sem br Albertslund.....svo a fara me lest til Fredensborg rijudaginn og gista hj Kirsten.....svo me lest til Sor mivikudag til Piu og vera ar eina ntt ...svo til Taastrup fimmtudag v g er a fara nmskei inn Kben 17-19 og a er fr 9-17 alla dagana.....Svo mnudag fer g alla lei niur til Sogard en keli kemur anga ann 15... aftur hinga aann 22 reikna g me....svo heim ann 24.....Hefi sennilega tt a vera aeins lengur synist a mr hefi ekki veitt af v..... Vi frum svo pbbarlt grkvldi.....N er klukkan um hlf 3 hr og Majken farin dart klbbinn hn er formaur ea eitthva svoleiis svo g tla a drattast anga eftir sm stund en hann er 5 mn labb fjarlg.. Svo er a inn Amager morgun einhvern risastran rlegan "loppe" marka...Jja ...s a a g kann ekki a skrifa einhverjar dagbkarfrslurGetLosten hva.... s fram a a g muni urfa "fr" egar g kem heim....Anna..a vera engar myndir settar hr ar sem er tlast til a g kaupi mr diskaplss...set barea myndirnar eitthva anna.....Bi svo bara a heilsa ykkur llum.....

KOMIN TIL slina me eins og eg var bin a lofa...

Daginn ll.....Jja er maur komin til Danmerkur. Lenti heiskru veri og sl um a mig minnir 25 stig.........Skrti a g hafi ekki komi hr essi 33 r sem hafa lii (hvert fru au eiginlega dry.gif ).... Mr fannst g bara vera komin "heim" ....
g rifjai upp kynni mn af grn Tuborg...og svo var seti og spjalla fram morgun....
annig a g vakti fr v um 11 mnudagsmorgun til kl 6 a dnskum tma....Var a vsu bin a f mr 2 tma lr flugvlinni og svo svaf g 1 tma ti garinum..
a er risastrt eplatr garinum sem a eplin hrynja af gr og erg...Svo g fr a a safna eim saman...
egar g var bin a v.... kom dttirn heimilunu og hristi blessa tr.... dry.gif ar me var fltin aftur orin akin eplum.....
Lt fylgja me myndir hr r garinum og okkur....

Lt lka fylgja me myndir af henni Stu sem tlai sko held g a fara me....
Svo g eftir a fara heimsknir hinga og anga en a er allavega kvei a g fari me Majken rlegan timarka sem er Amager um helgina.

Svo fann g ara af mnum tveim vinkonum fr v fyrir 33 rum san og hringdi hana dag ....a var varla a hn lifi a af.. en a var virkilrga gaman a heyra ngjuna lka Wink
rds og Preben fara til slands ann 10.....og koma heim 23..vera sem s heimskn hj foreldrum mnum mean g er hr dry.gif Er farin a sj fram a a tvr vikur muni ekki duga til ess a heimskja alla og a alla lei til skalnds nstum v...

Svo ver nmskeii Kben fr 17-19 g..annig....a mr veitti sko ekki af lengri tma en 2 vikum... g arf nefnilega ekki a liggja uppi sama liinu allan tmann....Coolen a br ansi dreift..annig a a kostar lestarferir...
g tla a reyna a skrifa eitthva hr hverjum degi..en hversu miki .... Bi svo bara a heilsa ykkur llum heart_001.gif pirr.....Angrya koma myndum hr inn etta fokk mogga blogg.......virkar bara ekki!!! Tkst sast bara me v a gera copy myndina og svo paste beint hr.annig a g prfa a... Jja a tkst ekki heldur ..ein fl........ en ef einhver hefur huga a sj myndirnar sem ttu a vera hrsmelli ennan link...

Nota bene

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We The People Will Not Be Chipped!


We The People Will Not Be Chipped!
We The People Will Not Be Chipped!



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THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001: Prof. Paul Zarembka


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