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By Rosalind Peterson
September 9, 2009

Starting as early as today, September 15, 2009

An article in Space.com (1) titled, 

“NASA Rocket to Create Clouds Tuesday” 

Nasa  mun skjóta į loft eldflaug til aš bśa til skż į fimmtudag

by Clara Moskowits, Staff Writer – September 14, 2009, was unexpectedly forwarded to me today.

Eerie Cloud Created by NASA Rocket Experiment 


An eerie cloud that glowed briefly in the night sky Saturday was no UFO.

It was created by humans more specifically a NASA rocket built to make clouds that shine at night.

The rocket launched as part of an experiment to artificially create so-called noctilucent -or night-shining - clouds, the highest clouds on Earth.

They naturally appear around 50 miles (80 km) above Earth's high latitudes and are also known as polar mesospheric clouds.


Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space 



Space Station Crew Photographs Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night



Satellite Sheds Light on Brightest Clouds


Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic


 How do you like your skies ... Natural or man-made?


Sep 14, 2009 ... ... to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth's atmosphere. ... Station Crew Photographs Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night.



According to the article:

…A rocket experiment set to launch Tuesday aims to create artificial clouds at the outermost layers of Earth's atmosphere. The project, called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE)…

"This is really essentially at the boundary of space," said Wayne Scales, a scientist at Virginia Tech who will…study the physics of the artificial dust cloud as it's released…

CARE is slated to launch Tuesday between 7:30 and 7:57 p.m. EDT (2330 and 2357 GMT) from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia….”

“…CARE will release its (aluminum oxide) (2), dust particles a bit higher than that, then let them settle back down to a lower altitude.

”What the CARE experiment hopes to do is to create an artificial dust layer,” Professor Scales told SPACE.com. 

"Hopefully it's a creation in a controlled sense, which will allow scientists to study different aspects of it, the turbulence generated on the inside, the distribution of dust particles and such." 

CARE is a project of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Department of Defense Space Test Program. 

The spacecraft will launch aboard a NASA four-stage Black Brant XII suborbital sounding rocket…

Researchers will track the CARE dust cloud for days or even months to study its behavior and development over time…

If CARE cannot launch Tuesday, the team can try again between Sept. 16 and Sept. 20, 2009…”

 The U.S. Navy, NASA, and the U.S. Defense Department have made a decision to conduct one or more an atmospheric tests, in order to create an aluminum oxide dust cloud without the permission and for the most part, the knowledge of the citizens of the United States. 

These aluminum oxide particles will eventually return to earth polluting our air, water and soils. 

The tests may damage the various atmospheric boundaries that protect life on earth – no one has any idea what damage this dust cloud and the testing on this dust cloud may do to our climate, agriculture, human health or the amount of infrared and UV radiation reaching the Earth.

It is time to contact elected officials today and protest this action which may begin as early as today, September 14, 2009. 

The Navy is already conducting warfare testing in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico and has more ranges in the planning and permit stages. 

Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer noted in a June 19, 2009.

 Letter to Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA, U.S. Department of Commerce:

“…the Navy plans to increase the number of its exercises or expand the areas in which they may occur, and virtually every coastal state will be affected. 

Some exercises may occur in the nation’s most biologically sensitive marine habitats, including National Marine Sanctuaries and breeding habitats…” 

This involves the decimation of more than 11.7 million marine mammals over five years and will increase with each new warfare testing range expansion.




* Gunnery Exercises 

* Bombing Missions 

* Missile & Torpedo Firing 

* Underwater Detonations

 * Research & Testing 

* Vessel Sinking

* Use of hundreds of toxic chemicals, like lead, mercury, tungsten, aluminum coated fiberglass (chaff), Airborne Obscurants like Red & White Phosphorus, fog oils, rocket and jet fuel emissions 

* Undersea Warfare Training Range Exercises (USWTR) 

* Mid and High Frequency Sonar Experiments 

* Both land and ocean exercises will use planes, drones, rockets and sonic booms 

* Other classified warfare testing experiments will be conducted in these areas.

 Now the U.S. Navy has decided that these experiments are not enough and have added atmospheric testing to their test list. 

Once again the public has been cut out of the debate, given little or no warning, and there are no Congressional hearings planned for any of these warfare and atmospheric tests.

 It is now time that we, the people, stand up and stop these tests. The Navy and the Department of Defense have to understand that they are not allowed to go to war on us and our oceans for any reason. It is time to make our elected officials aware that we are going to stand against these policies. Take action today – contact your elected officials and stop these new atmospheric tests and demand Congressional Hearings.

For more information

1 - U.S. Navy & NASA Dust Cloud Experiments May Begin on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Live Science.com September 14, 2009 Article By Clara Moskowitz, Staff Writer
2 - Space.com Strange Clouds Spotted at the Edge of Space by Jeremy Hsu, Staff Writer September 1, 2009 
3 - Space Station Crew Photographs Mysterious Clouds that Shine at Night by Tony Phillips Scinece.NASA.gov February 19, 2003 
4 - An Update on the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) Paul A. Bernhardt - Paul.Bernhardt@nrl.navy.mil 
“…Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375 Abstract. 

The radar scatter from artificial dusty plasma is space will be studied using at chemical release during the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment (CARE) in August or September 2009. 

CARE will be launch from Wallops Island, Virginia on a trajectory that takes the care release module to an apogee of 360 km altitude for a release on the downleg at 280 km altitude. 

110 kg of aluminum oxide particulates will be injected from a 2-meter long canister with the exit port pointed to the nadir. 

A 60 degree ½ angle cone of dust will be injected with a velocity of between 2 and 3 km/s. 

The dust will become charged in the ionosphere to form negatively charged dust particles.

Duftiš mun verša hlašiš ķ jónahvolfinu til žess aš mynda neikvętt hlašnar rykagnir.

The streaming dust will provide a source for turbulence due to charge separation electric fields and to two-stream instabilities. 

Ground radars operating at HF, VHF and UHF frequencies will probe the release region looking for enhanced backscatter. 

The HF radar be digital ionosondes be located near the launch site. 

The VHF radar will be located on Bermuda looking perpendicular to the magnetic field lines. 

The UHF radar will be located at Millstone Hill in Massachusetts. 

At late times, the particles will for an artificial dust cloud that will settle to about 100 km altitude. 

The measurements during this later phase will provide data on the transport of charged dust by lower-thermospheric winds…”
5 - Gelatinous Gelation in Aerosols; Non-Mean-Field Aggregation and Kinetics C.M. Sorensen and A. Chakrabarti Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas NASA Report 2008 Study [Link] [Link] [Link
6 - Virginia Tech – Wayne Scales Charged Aerosol Particle Experiments September 14, 2009 Search
7 - MASS Spectrometry Talk
8 - Professor Scales – Charged Aerosol Particle Experiments – H.A.A.R.P.
9 - Could the H.A.A.R.P. Project in Alaska, NOAA, DOE, NASA, Air Force, Department of Defense, etc., be the reason for climate changes that have been escalating since the late 1980s, when the funds and technology allowed for the escalation of atmospheric heating and testing programs like NASA’s TMA Night Cloud tests using trimethylaluminum or the advanced testing of military weapons systems like star wars?

NASA’s Night Clouds Atmospheric Testing Program: 

 10 - The NASA / U.S. Air Force CRESS 1990 Press Kit outlines an atmospheric NASA testing program (linked to H.A.A.R.P. and the U.S. Air Force, that could produce the Vibrant Spectrums (auroras), referenced above, as shown in my poster pictures. 

In this program canisters are loaded with chemicals and superheated at different atmospheric levels.

These canisters contain the following chemicals that could be polluting our air and are showing up with unusual spikes in drinking water supplies in across California (California State Department of Health, Drinking Water Division Water Test Results-Public Records, Sacramento, California): 

Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Lithium, Calcium, SF6-Sulfur hexafluoride 

11 - Note that SF6 is a very potent, toxic gas. 
It has the energy-trapping potential of 25,000 times that of Carbon Dioxide. 
The EPA has taken action to restrict release of this dangerous greenhouse gas and yet it is being used in atmospheric testing programs. 
12 - Barium Releases March 22, 1976
13 - Lithium Red Sky April 16, 1979 – Alaska Science Forum:
14 - Alaska's Space Pyrotechnics – Alaska Science Forum 
– Barium February 18, 1985

Cute sky written smiley face raises pertinent questions

 2008 Parade Magzine Snapshot Raises Questions

 Barium: The Poison No One Talks About  

Barium is just as dangerous as arsenic, mercury and lead and it shows up regularly in public water supplies. 

Barium is a major component of chemtrails. 

When it falls to earth it also contaminates our water supplies.

Exposure to small amounts of barium, dissolved in water, may cause a person to experience these problems:

1. Breathing difficulties - ÖNDUNAR ERFIŠLEIKAR 

2. Increased blood pressure -HĘKKAŠUR BLÓŠŽRŻSTINGUR 

3. Heart rhythm changes - BREYTINGAR Į HJARTSLĘTTI 

4. Stomach irritation - PIRRINGUR Ķ MAGA

5. Muscle weakness - VÖŠVASLAPPLEIKI
6. Alterations in nerve reflexes - BREYTINGAR Į TAUGAVIŠBRÖGŠUM
7. Damage to your brain, liver, kidney and heart - VELDUR SKAŠA Į HEILA, LIFUR, NŻRUM OG HJARTA.

Barium Tests are Positive -- Clifford Carnicom

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Heil og sęl; ęfinlega !

Fįtt; ętti aš koma okkur į óvart - śr žessarri įttinni.

Og; sönnum til. Bara; eitt fjölmargra ''verkefna'' žessarra hugmyndarķku brjįlęšinga - į döfinni - žegar unnin, eša žį, ķ framtķšar įętlunum žeirra.

Meš beztu kvešjum vestur - sem jafnan /

Óskar Helgi Helgason 

Óskar Helgi Helgason (IP-tala skrįš) 21.9.2009 kl. 22:37

2 Smįmynd: Agnż

Sęll Óskar..

Ja žeir eru nś žokkalega komnir meš dómsdags įętlunina af staš..sem er fękkun mannkyns og fólksfjölgunarstjórnun..

Fyrst spreyja žeir hinni og žessarri óvęrunni ogefnum yfir okkur sem skordżr vęrum.. Og rugla ķ öllum 3 hvolfunum meš Chemtrail meš hinum og žessum kemķsku efnum svo sem alumnium, barium og cadmium til aš nefna žessi sem mest viršast vera notuš ..nś svo mį alltaf bęta betur um....

Žaš veršur nęs žegar aš žeir fara aš troša svķnaflensu bóluefninu upp ķ nefiš į žér ..lifandi en veiklašur vķrus..en žaš į vķst aš gefa žaš ķ formi nef spreys..nice..svo hnerrar mašur į eftir og voila.. En fólk geturlķka smitaš völdum bóluefna sem og umrędds virusar sem bólusett er gegn..

Svo er alveg skondiš aš yfirleitt eru žęr aukaverkanir sem taldar eru upp af völdum bóluefnanna žęr sömu og ef žś fengir umręddan virus... Mér finnst žetta ķ raun "drep" fyndiš...žó frekar ętti aš segja grįtbroslegt...

Agnż, 22.9.2009 kl. 01:12

3 Smįmynd: josira

Žetta eru allt svo óhugnanlegar frįsagnir aš žaš hįlfa vęri nóg...Hver ręšur för ķ žessu öllu saman...

Er ekkert hęgt aš koma žessu inn ķ alžjóšarvišręšur einhversstašar...gera žetta sjįanlegt og heyranlegt...

Vinna aš žvķ aš stöšva žetta ferli, kannski fįrra manna sem standa aš baki žessu kerfi öllu...

Eša ętli svo margir séu oršnir innvinklašir aš öršugt sé aš sporna viš og snśa af žessari braut.:

Hafšu žökk, kęra Agnż enn og aftur meš innleggi žķnu um žessi mįlefni...

josira, 22.9.2009 kl. 18:44

4 Smįmynd: Andrés.si

Ég fruša mér hvaš fįir komentera hérna og hvaš fįir gera sér grein hvaš mikilvęgt er aš koma ķ vef fyrir chemtrailum.

Viš veršum bara aš setjast saman Agnż og leita aš efnun til aš bśa til orgonitar sem virka gegn chemtrailum.  

Ég męli meš sem fyrst.   

Andrés.si, 24.9.2009 kl. 20:29

5 Smįmynd: Agnż

Jį Joshira žetta eru ekki fallegar upplżsingar og bara tilhugsunin um žaš hvaš žetta liš sé aš gera į bak viš tjöldin sendir kuldahroll eftir bakinu į mér..Žvķ žaš er sko pottžétt enn meira en uppi er lįtiš..

Andrés..ég hef aldrei veriš neinn svona "vinsęldar"bloggari ;-)..žį į eg viš aš fólk kommenti almennt mikiš viš mķn skrif..žaš eru ekki endilega merkilegustu bloggin sem eru skrįš sem vinsęlustu bloggin į mogganum/mbl.. heldur žau sem fį flesta kommentana..

Eftir aš facebook kom fram į sjónarsvišiš og allir ķslendingar eru svo gott sem skrįšir žar, žį finnst mér eins og aš allir séu hęttir aš nenna aš lesa og ekki sķst komment į blogg skrif.. Į vissan hįtt finnst mér sem facebook sé bśiš aš eyšileggja blogg skrif og spjallboršsumręšur..

Kanski žaš sé tilgangurinn meš facebook?

Aš öll heimsbyggšin sé žar aš blasta öllu um sig og sķna fjölskyldumešlimi og ekki sķst hvaš mįlefnaflokkum viš kanski erum fylgjandi..

Ég veit allavega um einn sem hefur veriš bannašur į facebook og žaš tel ég eingöngu sé vegna politķskra skošana viškomandi.. žaš er aušveldara fyrir "Big Brother" aš fylgjast meš okkur ef aš öll heimsbyggšin er oršin saman söfnuš į einn staš į netinu..

Ég veit aš bęši CIA og FBI er skrįš į facebook...

Mašur spyr sig hver tilgangurinn sé..

Jį ég hef ekki į móti žvķ aš hitta žig Andrés og ykkur sem skoša žaš sama og ég..og žaš eru svo sem fleiri en viš sem gerum žaš en fęstir žoraa aš tjį sig..

En svo eru ašrie sem vilja ekki trśa žvķ aš žetta sé satt.. Sannleikurinn er jś oft mikiš ótrślegri en lygin.

Vitanlega er erfitt aš trśa žvķ aš mann"skepnan" sé svona illa innrętt eins og sumir viršast vera..

En žaš er jś žannig sem žessi "elķta" lķtur į okkur.. sem "skepnur" = beast og er į leišinni aš merkja okkur öll sem "the beast" ..held aš meiningin ķ Biblķunni ķ sambandi viš "Mark of the beast" sé aš "we" human will be "marked" as a beast and will bear the mark in RFID tag so we can be tracked like other beast“s=animal“s.. Viš veršum öll merkt sem "saušurinn" = söfnušurinn og žetta sé ķ rauninni hvaš įtt er viš ķ hinni helgu bók..

En ekki aš ljóti karlinn birtist allt ķ einu meš tölurnar 666 į enninu..

En kanski er žetta bara minn samsęriskenndi hugur enn einu sinni ;-)

En greinilega er žetta žį sameiginlegar samsęriskenningar..mišaš viš hér

Military check points to enforce swine flu vaccination shots! Mandatory RFID chip = 666 mark

Military is set to enforce the taking of the swine flu vaccine. Check points, papers and or chip to verify your compliance! Wake up people, the time is at hand!


Agnż, 25.9.2009 kl. 09:47

Bęta viš athugasemd

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